Parcel Search Information

Henrico County makes subdivision plats, zoning maps, and property identification sheets available on the web.

Please choose your search method:

Search by street name, or by GPIN Search by subdivision name

The maps are in PDF form.

Having a problem seeing the maps? This is partly browser-dependent, with the problem known to occur only in certain versions of Internet Explorer. We are working on a permanent solution, but in the meantime, there is something you can do: on your PC, start Adobe Acrobat. Look under Edit->Preferences->General. There will be a setting that says "Display PDF in browser" or something similar to that. If you de-check that "display PDF in browser" box, then exit out of Acrobat (and out of your browser), then try to look at one of the maps, the map should come up, though in an Acrobat window of its own, not inside your browser.

Real estate transfer information is not on the web. Please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for further information.

You may also wish to search by GPIN (example: 768-753-0395). A GPIN is the unique identifier for each distinct tax parcel. GPIN is derived from the state plane coordinates, measured in feet, of the visual center of the tax parcel. (Source: Henrico County GIS Division)